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15 Broad Canal Way; Cambridge, Mass.
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1071 Soldier's Field Rd.; Boston, Mass.
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455 Nahanton St.; Newton, Mass.
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Moody Street Dam; Waltham, Mass.
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32 Shore Drive; Somerville, Mass.
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* There is a $300 minimum charge to open by appointment.
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Boston Harbor Kayak Rentals from
our Cambridge Location

Ever wanted to kayak on Boston Harbor? Experienced paddlers can now rent from our location in Kendall Square, Cambridge, and venture
out onto Boston Harbor! And best of all, this unprecedented opportunity is now T-accessible via the Red Line.
Paddlers with appropriate skills and equipment (see right for details) are welcome to paddle through the locks and onto Boston Harbor. Rent by the hour according to our regular rental rates, or — if you're camping on the Harbor Islands — rent by the day according to our off-site rental rates.
Reservations are required, unless you have a season pass and have previously been approved for a harbor rental this year. To reserve, please call (617) 965-5110.
Reservations Are Required for Harbor Rentals
Call (617) 965-5110 to Reserve
Prepare for Ocean Conditions
Paddlers should be prepared to paddle in an ocean environment, which includes the potential for high winds; steep, short-period waves; fast-moving and potentially heavy boat traffic; large boat wakes; fog or reduced visibility; and lightning. The potential for more challenging conditions increases dramatically beyond Fort Independence (Castle Island), and paddlers should be prepared for large waves and currents in excess of 2 knots.
You Are Relying on Your Rescue Skills
The options for a capsized paddler looking to go ashore in the Inner Harbor (inland from Fort Independence) are few and far between,
so paddlers must rely on their ability to perform a rescue (which means a self-rescue for solo paddlers). We cannot over-emphasize the need for reliable rescues!
Boat Traffic Is Fast and Furious
Perhaps the biggest concern of paddling in Boston Harbor is boat traffic. You will encounter all types of craft in the harbor, from small powerboats to supertankers of unfathomable size. Many are fast, and some, like the Provincetown Ferry, travel at highway speeds! Moreover, the larger the vessel, the longer it takes to slow down — for instance, a tanker can take a half-mile or more to stop. You need to pay attention to the traffic around you (including behind you), paddle close to shore when possible, and yield to bigger boats. Learn more by reading Big Ships, Little Boats.
Required Paddling Skills
Customer must sign a waiver attesting that they have learned these skills and practiced them in realistic conditions of 20-knot winds and 3- to 5-foot waves.
Wet Exit
(Where you flipped a kayak and removed the sprayskirt while underwater.)
(Where you re-entered the kayak in deep water with no assistance.)
(Ability to use a chart and compass to know where you are and find your way in 1/4-mile visibility.)
Gear We Provide
These items are included in your rental. If you prefer, bring your own gear.
Kayak with Two Bulkheads
Life Jacket
Spare Paddle
Spray Skirt
Paddle (Rescue) Float
Required Gear Available in our "Harbor Kit" ($20/day)
These items are required for paddling the Harbor. We can provide them for a fee of $20/day.
Marine Deck Compass
Boston Harbor Chart
Waterproof Chart Case
Flashlight or Strobe Light
Three Aerial Flares
One Smoke Signal Flare
Waterproof Case for Phone/VHF (Phone/VHF not included.)
Required Gear Provided by Customer
These items are required for paddling the Harbor. They are not available for rental.
Cell Phone or VHF Radio
Wetsuit or Drysuit
(When Harbor water temperature is below 60F.)
First-Aid Kit
Recommended Gear
These items are recommended for paddling in an environment like Boston Harbor. They are not required.
Extra Food & Water
Extra Warm, Dry Clothes
Towing System
Hat & Sunglasses
Water Shoes or Sandals
Splash Jacket
Gloves or Pogies
Rescue Stirrup
Boat Repair Kit
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