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On-Water Boat & Paddle Demos

Buying a boat is like buying shoes. Try them out on the water for free at Boating in Boston.
Buying a boat is like buying shoes — you need to find the model that does what you need and a size that fits. Our experienced sales staff will help choose the right style of boat or SUP, but you need to try it out on the water to make sure it's right for you.
That's why Boating in Boston offers free, on-water boat, SUP, and paddle demos every day at our Paddling Store in Newton. You are welcome to try out each item for up to 15 minutes at no charge.
If you'd like to spend more time getting a feel for the boat, you are always welcome to rent a canoe, kayak, or SUP from our large rental fleet. Simply pay standard rental rates and you can enjoy an extended test-paddle. We even offer off-site rentals so you can test the boat or SUP in real conditions.
Price Matching
Boating in Boston will match the advertised price of any New England competitor on in-stock boats and SUPs. You'll never spend less for your boat than at Boating in Boston.
In case you needed another reason to buy from us, you'll also save up to 15% on your entire gear purchase when you buy a boat.
Experienced Sales Staff
Our staff has a full understanding of the boats and SUPs we sell because we paddle them! We'll listen to your needs and work together to find the boat
Our staff paddles the boats we sell.
and equipment that's right for you. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service — come see for yourself!
If you talk to our staff, you'll find folks with all kinds of paddling interests. For example, we've got a canoeist, a few dedicated sea kayakers, a kayak surfer or two, a surfing SUPper, a surf-ski and racing guy, and more. If you've got a paddling question, no matter how arcane, we've probably got someone who can answer it. Click to meet our staff!
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