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Equipment Trade-In & Consignment

Charles River Canoe & Kayak accepts used boats and SUPs on a trade-in or consignment basis, and paddling gear on a consignment basis. Turn your used gear into cash, or use it to buy something better!
How Much Is It Worth?
Because we sell so much used equipment, we have a very good idea how much someone else will pay for your gear. For an idea of the market value of your boat, view our current sale prices on used canoes or kayaks. You can then e-mail us or call (617) 965-5110 with questions. A final valuation is subject to visual inspection of the item.
Boat Trade-Ins
Available when buying a boat from us. Upon inspecting your boat, we will estimate the price at which we would sell the boat. You receive the percentage of that estimated price indicated in the table at right, in the form of store credit, at the time we accept the trade.
Boat & Paddling Gear Consignment
You leave the equipment with us and set its price. If and when we sell the equipment, you receive the percentage of the selling price indicated in the table below in the form of a check or store credit. If the equipment does not sell at that price, you can choose to lower the price. We reserve the right to refuse any item at our discretion.
Selling Price:      $875 or more $325 – $874 $324 or less
Trade-In 65% 60% 50%
Payment by Check
70% 60% 50%
Store Credit
75% 70% 60%
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