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Cold-Water Clinics
Charles River Canoe & Kayak will present an amazing series of Cold-Water Clinics during Spring 2015!
Free Cold-Water Immersion Session
May 17, 2015: 10am–3pm
Newton Paddling Store
Our Cold-Water Immersion Session is a complete look at cold-water effects and preparedness. Our expert guides will discuss the effects of cold water,
Austin and Mark in their favorite cold-water paddling clothing, ready to launch in Muscongus Bay.
including gasp reflex and hypothermia, then present clothing options to deal with the risks. The discussion will include layering, wetsuits vs. drysuits, and ways of handling cold hands, feet, and heads. We will have samples of many clothing types to feel and try on. We will also discuss how metabolism affects the way our bodies handle cold, and the effects of insufficient food or water on the body’s ability to tolerate the cold.
After a lunch break (bring your own brown-bag lunch!), we choose our cold-water clothing of choice (Kokatat drysuits will be available at no charge) and spend the afternoon getting wet. Wear wicking clothes, plus either fleece or wool socks along with a water shoe to wear over the drysuit "socks."
Reservations Are Required — Sign Up Today
Immersion Session Ocean Skills: Cold Water
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Reservations Are Required for Both Clinics
Clothing Signup Immersion Session Signup
We'll first walk into the river, testing our warmth in different positions and determining how long we can comfortably stay in the water. Then we'll hop into boats
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and work on rescues, testing our cold-water clothing in a realistic setting.
Once everyone gets good and cold, we will then work through ways of warming up. The purpose is to see how quickly people warm up and what works best.
Reservations are required; sign up here.
Kokatat Drysuits will be available for use free of charge, and clinic participants save 15% off Kokatat Drysuit purchases!
Ocean Skills: Cold-Water
May 2, 2015
Dan in his Kokatat drysuit.
Experience the comfort of a drysuit while building your skills in realistic ocean conditions! Our expert guides on this full-day trip and learn the ins-and-outs of cold-water preparedness. It's a great follow-up to the Immersion Clinic!
We'll start the day with a discussion of cold-water clothing and physiology, then hop in the van and travel to Cohasset, where we'll play in the current and practice rescues in the chilly Atlantic. See the description of our Ocean Skills for details, pricing, and to sign up today.
Kokatat drysuits are available to clinic participants at no charge (use Coupon Code COLDWATER). Come find out how a drysuit will help improve your comfort, safety, and enjoyment of kayaking so you can extend your season.
$139 includes full-day trip with expert guiding (max. 5:1 student:instructor ratio) using your own boat.
$155 with a composite or plastic sea kayak (model depends on availability).
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