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Snowmaking, Grooming & Night Skiing

In order to provide consistently good cross-country skiing conditions regardless of the abundance of natural snow, the Leo J. Martin Ski Track has assembled one of the largest cross-country ski snowmaking systems in New England. When combined with expert grooming, this snowmaking capability allows for extremely reliable cross-country skiing even in the leanest of snow seasons.
The snowmakers work around the clock as temperatures permit throughout December and January to create a loop about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) in length. The resilient nature of this artificial snow allows that base to last well into March.
Additionally, this man-made loop is lighted to allow night skiing. On a daily basis, our trails are professionally groomed, keeping the snow skiable regardless of rain or warm conditions.
What does this mean for the skier? Under almost any circumstances you can cross-country ski on the Leo J. Martin course. Whether you want to perfect your technique, get a high-energy workout, or take a lesson, there will be snow to ski on.
Training for that race up in Vermont? Don't let the folks up north with their natural snow gain an advantage — get a season pass and train anytime, including under the lights at night.
Looking to improve your skills, or just want to learn to ski? Even though your backyard is green, our teaching area probably has plenty of snow. So come on down and experience the consistently reliable snow at Weston Ski Track. For more information, see our snowmaking map.
Grooming generally happens in the morning before opening and in the late afternoon just after the sun sets. Occasionally grooming may be delayed to let the course drain after a rain or to let newly made snow dry out.
Feedback from skiers is very important to us. If you are skiing and find the conditions to be challenging, please come to the main desk and talk to us. In some cases additional grooming may reduce the problem.