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Hours of Operation
15 Broad Canal Way; Cambridge, Mass.
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1071 Soldier's Field Rd.; Boston, Mass.
Closed Except by Appointment* Closed Except by Appointment*
455 Nahanton St.; Newton, Mass.
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Moody Street Dam; Waltham, Mass.
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32 Shore Drive; Somerville, Mass.
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* There is a $300 minimum charge to open by appointment.
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One-Way Trips Between
Kendall Square and Allston/Brighton

What could be better than a one-way trip on the Charles River? Paddlers can now enjoy simple one-way trips between our locations on Soldier's Field Road in Allston/Brighton and Kendall Square in Cambridge!
It's just a 5-mile trip between the two rental centers, and you can travel in either direction. On the way, you'll pass Harvard, Boston University, the Esplanade and Hatch Shell, MIT, and the classic Boston skyline view of the Hancock and Prudential Buildings and the State House Dome! Be sure to paddle through the Esplanade along the way.
A one-way trip costs just $10 ($20 for Tripper XL Canoes, and Rowboats) in addition to our regular rental rates! As long as you are renting fewer than eight boats, simply show up and tell us you're looking for a one-way trip — reservations are required only for groups.
Getting Here and There
We are currently not shuttling passengers between locations (except pre-arranged groups of eight boats or more), so public transportation is your best bet! It's about 10 minutes on the subway and 1.5 miles walking, including a one-mile walk along the river. Make sure to have walking directions from both our Cambridge and Boston locations!
We are happy to pre-arrange a shuttle for groups of six people or more. The fee is $75 per trip (14 passengers/trip). Advance reservations are required for shuttles.
How Late Can I Start?
Paddlers must begin their one-way trip no later than two and a half hours before the destination rental facility closes. Paddlers who leave near this cut-off time should be prepared to paddle straight to the center, as there is little extra time for detours and stops. For current hours at the two rental centers, visit the Kendall Square or Allston/Brighton pages.
One-Way Surcharges (plus Boat Rental) Per Boat
One-Way Surcharge for Most Boat Types $10
plus boat rental
One-Way Surcharge for Rowboats,
Quad Kayaks & Tripper XL Canoes
plus boat rental
Which Direction Is Easier?
There's no current on this section of river, so the day's wind direction is more important for determining which direction will be easier. If the wind is from the north, northwest, west, or southwest, a Boston-to-Kendall trip will likely be better. When the wind is from the northeast, east,
Current Conditions
on the Charles River Basin
southeast, or south, a Kendall-to-Boston trip is recommended.
Conditions in the lower river near our Kendall Square location do get rough when the wind is blowing more than 10 knots (about 11 mph), and especially rough above 15 knots (about 17 mph). Click here for the latest wind forecast, or see current wind at right.
One other consideration is that parking at our Boston location is free, whereas the Kendall Square parking garage charges a fee.
What Should I Bring?
It is agood idea to bring along sun protection, some snacks, and liquids. No alcohol is allowed on boats or boards.
Group & Corporate Outings
One-Way Trips make the perfect outing for a corporate group from the Boston area, or for visitors looking to see the essence of the city. You can even combine it with a hearty barbeque picnic from Redbones! Get an instant quote for your outing, or learn more about outing options like guiding and catering.
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