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Pulk Child Carrier

A snowshoer pulls a pulk. Whether you are skate skiing, classical skiing, or snowshoeing, the pulk allows you to bring your kids along for the fun. We have five Wilderness Engineering KinderShuttles (shown at the bottom) available for rental, each having an optional cover and one seat.
The sleds can be rented for $20 for the day or $100 for the season when used at the Ski Track, or off-site for $30 for one day, $54 for two days, and $18 for each additional day.
Reserving a Pulk
Reservations are available for both on- and off-site rentals. On-site pulk rentals may be reserved online for weekends and holidays, and the pulk must be picked up before 10:30am or we reserve the right to rent it to another customer with no refunds or credits issued. Reserve your pulk online now (weekends/holidays only).
For on-site reservations on non-holiday weekdays, or for off-site rental reservations, please call (617) 965-5110. Pre-payment is required for all reservations.
Weekends/Holidays before 10:30am Only
A skier pulls a pulk. It is a good idea to bring along extra blankets and some snacks for both of you, but don't forget that we have a warm, indoor snack bar that serves snacks and hot or cold beverages.
A skier pulls a pulk.
Photos Courtesy of Wilderness Engineering